Understand and Analyze




Design and Develop


Implement and Test


Deliver and Maintain

At Jaya Softwares, we aim at providing a strong IT Backbone to our clients. The software we develop delivers a complete strategic solution to your business.

We extend automation services which include the development of custom applications suitable to your business.

We analyse your business requirements and design systems which support greater efficiency and faster growth.

We follow rigorous testing routines and ensure high quality solutions. Special emphasis is given by us on the proper implementation and maintenance of the developed system in your workplace.

Our foresighted approach encourages us to build scalable and flexible systems. Apart from strategic consultation to our clients, Growth our customer centric attitude closely monitors growth indicators such as increased revenues, improved Returns on Investment (ROIs) and enhanced efficiencies of your business processes.

Our approach to application solutions is shaped by a deep understanding of the industry and constant adaption of emerging technologies. With our knowledge and experience, we build systems to reduce human effort and amplify customer satisfaction. Our team stays by your side right from the initiation phase of development to after-delivery support and maintenance.


At Jaya Softwares, we realize the importance of creating highly functional and attractive websites to promote your business. We specialize in responsive website designing and content management solutions. We build our designs keeping in mind the accessibility and availability of web services on several mobile devices.

Website Creation

Website Creation

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our team evaluates your business and assists you in conceptualizing your web and mobile applications. We help you grow your business by formulating strategies to portray your products and services in a captivating manner.

We engage your customers by enhancing user interactivity and experience. This is furthered by building responsive web pages that adapt to the device they are being viewed on. We use up to date technology that guarantees designs which are compatible with the latest versions of web browsers.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Content Management

Content Management


Search Engine Optimization

We continuously monitor the applications we deliver and keep them updated. Our innovative websites are search engine friendly and we ensure increased visibility of your business products and services during web searches. We play a consultative role, advising and supporting clients through creation, development, implementation and management which adds value to your presence in the internet space.


The Web Analytics Team at Jaya Softwares delves deeply into studying your business, your potential customers and your presence on the internet. It strategizes to improve your visibility on the web and plans for your online marketing success.


We develop or re-structure your website content for Search Engine Optimization. We plan your website keywords to put you on the top of search results. Our experience in SEO techniques makes us adapt an approach which is impactful and impressive.

Search Engine Marketing

We specialize in providing well-planned strategies for Search Engine Marketing. We design online campaigns with appropriate AdWords and take all measures to improve impressions, clicks and conversions. We implement display advertising and remarketing methods for keeping interested customers in the loop.

Social Media Marketing is used to tap a large user-base and catch their attention towards your business. We help you keep your public profiles active and attractive. The resulting electronic-Word-of-Mouth helps in building your brand name.

Social Media Marketing

We construct e-mail content and design it for tapping current and potential customers. This Email Marketing Strategy keeps the customer informed and updated.

Email Marketing

We create relevant and valuable content to attract and engage your target audience. Content Marketing helps you acquire a larger customer-base resulting in higher ROI.

Content Marketing

Our team closely monitors your web presence and also studies your competition. We suggest pricing strategies on the basis of our studies and help you implement necessary changes. We ensure that our strategies cover visibility on all mobile devices as well. Overall, we provide an all-inclusive marketing plan for you to capture the large number of online platforms users and achieve your objectives.